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​Overlay £35.00

Overlays are awesome for those who really struggle growing their nails. Builder Gel (BIAB) is applied onto the natural nail but ​NOT extending the length.

(incl. Natural, French or single Gel colour applied)​​

Nail Extensions £45.00

Custom Sculpted £65.00

​​Extensions or “enhancements” are simply extending the length of your natural nail by using a tip or sculpting form to achieve the desired length (maximum length 28mm from free edge) If you would like extreme length nails please select Acrylic.

(incl. Natural, French or single Gel colour applied)​​

Click here for Nail Length Guide

Maintenance Fill every 2-3 weeks £38.00

An infill only deals with the area of regrowth at the cuticle, if you require the length to be shortened please book for a rebalance appointment.

Infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep your nails at their best.

I highly recommend applying Cuticle Oil to your nails at least twice a day, everyday. This keeps your enhancements flexible and helps to avoid brittleness and possible breakages.

(incl. Natural or single Gel colour applied)​​

Please let me know in advance if you have broken a nail so I can allow enough time for your appointment.

Single Nail Repair £5.00 - Additi​onal repairs per nail £2.50​

Rebalance £43.00

​A rebalance restores the balance, structure and look of the whole nail. When a nail structure grows out it loses balance, the apex moves forward and so does the smile line.

At a rebalance -

* The nail length is reassessed and taken back to the desired length.

* The free edge is thinned out so it does not look thick, bulky and unnatural.

* The smile line is placed back to it’s original position so that there is no unsightly regrowth at the free edge showing through the nail enhancement.

* The apex is replaced (the slightly thicker part across the curve of the nail – also known as the stress area) this is the area that gives a nail enhancement strength and is also where a nail is most likely to break when it is out of balance.

* Finally the area of regrowth at the cuticle is addressed and voila – they are back to the same, balanced fresh set of nails as applied at the first appointment.

(incl. Natural, French or single Gel colour applied)​​

​Soak off / Soak off when having new set £15.00 / £7.50

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