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The New Cosmic Range is a selection of stunning Glitter Top Coats which are perfect over a coloured gel polish or can be worn over natural nails for a transparent design!

Colour swatches below are over white and also black to give you an idea of the effect over light and dark colours.

Other base colours are available to view at the salon during your appointment.

Vega has various glitters which reflects purple, blue and orange. It gives a funky effect which is perfect for Summer!

Ptolemy has fine gold and holographic glitter which is ideal for Summer!

Pleiades has various sizes of blue and purple glitter, which gives an iridescent effect to any nail design!

Nebula has various size, shapes and coloured glitter which reflects both purple and yellow. It is perfect for summer nights with friends!

Jewel Box as the name suggests is filed with various size, shapes and colour glitter which looks like a Disco Ball, so you can party the night away!

Hydra has multiple size glitter particles which reflect both green and yellow which can be perfect for St Patrick's Day!

Perseus has blue and holographic glitter which is especially suited for Winter designs!

Orion has various blue and purple glitter, which gives an iridescent effect and is perfect for Spring!

Omega Centauri has small gold and big holographic glitter particles which reflect the starry night sky!

Fornax has very fine holographic shimmer which gives an effect of the milky way in outer space!