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Nail art is the perfect way to express your creativity. With a vast range of colours and finishes available (glossy, matte, glitter) I like to encourage clients to think outside the box when it comes to designs. After all, your nails are the final touch to your look!

Specialising in hand painted nail art, I will work with you to produce a unique piece of art on your fingers or toes – the possibilities are endless! For those who are less daring, consider adding accent nail art to your usual manicure or opt for a minimalistic nail art look. No matter how subtle or loud, let me create nail art that will reflect your mood and personality! 

Stamping design - per nail £1.50 / All nails £10.00

Chrome pigment design - £1.50 / All nails £10.00

Foil design (one colour) - per nail £1.00 / All nails £7.00

(2+ colours) - per nail £1.50 / All nails £10.00

Glitter accent nail (one colour) - per nail  £1.00 / All nails £7.00

Glitter Ombré - per nail - £1.50 / All nails £10.00

Marble design using Gel Polish - per nail £1.50 / All nails £10.00

Marble design using Acrylic Powder - per nail £2.00 / All nails £18.00

Sharpie Water Marble look - per nail £1.50 / All £10.00

Bubble effect - per nail £1.50 / All £10.00

3D Acrylic flowers from £1.50

Airbrush designs from £2.00

Hand painted Art from £1.00

Hand painted Disney Characters from £5.00

Swarovski Crystals - price on charts below

Price per Crystal

SS3 - SS5 10p  /  SS6 - SS8 15p  /  SS9 - SS11 20p  /  SS12 - SS14 25p  /  SS16 - SS20 50p  /  SS30 - SS34 £1.00  /  SS40 - SS48 £1.50


Colour Cha​rt​​